About Us


We're a sustainable, homegrown label that focuses on revival of raw fibre and indigenous textiles by creating  weaves and handwork using local material and skill. The aim is to connect to the people with the similar ideology and mindset and help in promoting the traditional techniques and reach out to a larger audience worldwide.


The fabric for our collections is not sourced from the factories nor picked up from the racks.

Multiple field visits are involved to understand the nature of the fabric before bringing in light and experimenting the weave patterns. A lot depends on the thickness, the fall and the colour palette of the material according to the season. 

The hand-spun yarn is dyed using natural elements which are chemical free and non hazardous, yet time consuming. Once the fabric is out from the loom it is sent to group of women based out of Gujarat itself to do the Kutchi embroidery work they're skilled at.  


We have got a team set up in New Delhi to help us shape the raw textiles into wearable products that can connect to the buyer and make a real impact at a grass root level.



The pixelated 8-bit art work is done by our artisans, residing on the outskirts of the capital city.