Sujani Kantha Scarf
Sujani Kantha Scarf
Sujani Kantha Scarf
Sujani Kantha Scarf
Sujani Kantha Scarf
Sujani Kantha Scarf

Sujani Kantha Scarf

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“Hide not behind the veil, my love, I long to have a glimpse of you.” - Bulleh Shah

This product got manifested with pure luck as one of our woman artisans working with us in Delhi is from Murshidabad, where this kind of Islamic Kantha motifs and technique are practiced in every household and passed on from mother to daughter consisting of geometric shapes and designs. Traditional Kantha wheels is a common motif in Indian arts and crafts and important symbol  in Hinduism and Buddhism, it represents order in the world. This piece in no time will be a part of you. 

  • Fabric : Organic cotton handwoven in Kutch, Gujarat
  • Embroidery : Artisanal based needle work carried out by women in different parts of Bhuj as well as in Delhi.
  • Tassels, trims and packaging : Our workshop In Delhi
  • Size : Length 80" x 22"
  • Measurements taken flat so double where necessary; +/- a tolerance inherent to hand made clothing.
  • Wash and Care - Gentle hand wash in cold water.(To preserve the embroidery)
  • We provide a one time use pouch of soap nuts with each purchase for you to try and test the most natural and eco friendly method of washing.(These berry shells grow on the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas and they naturally contains a cleaning agent that works like detergent, called saponin. Saponin is amazing at penetrating the fibres of your clothes, lifting stains from the fabric that is then rinsed away.)
  • Want to know how to use soap nuts? Click here.
  • This piece is made on order to avoid excess blockage of raw material and to retain the value added by an artisan's work. Dispatched within 10 days of the order placed.

Designed with an honest heart, woven with a meditative mind and hand embroidered with love and gratitude, this beautiful piece of art is an outcome of seven different hands working tirelessly, representing the potential of handmade clothing. While designing this series we wanted to create distinctive, global and timeless pieces by reviving our traditional Indian handcraft techniques and manifest our artisan skills in a new light for today’s environmentally conscious consumer.

The pieces are made in small batches in different parts of North India as every step of the production is time intensive and handmade. 

    Size Bust Shoulder Hip


    36 14.5 40
    M 38 15 42
    L 40 15.5 44
    XL 42 16 46
    XXL 44 16.5 48


    *Garment measurements